How Tonsil Stones And Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Life

It’s summer time now, and things were starting to get really busy at work. It reminded me of a haircut that I had last year and how it relates to tonsil stones.

One day, on my way home from work I saw this hole in the wall place with no one on the front, and on a whim decided to try my luck at a walk-in haircut.

The hairstylist was an older Vietnamese lady with broken English, and she cut my hair so fast that she didn’t really have time to make much small talk. But after she was done cutting my hair, she looks at me and she goes, “See?! You more handsome with short hair!” and then spins me around.

Still processing the backhanded compliment, I take one look in the mirror and naturally say, “….Yeeeeaah!”

But I realized something a little while later: my struggles with social situations didn’t really have anything to do with my appearance at all.

I’m willing to bet that there’s plenty of people out there who don’t consider themselves bad looking and are confused why they struggle with getting dates or keeping a relationship.

And this is where this story relates to tonsil stones and having chronic bad breath, because your breath really does matter and has a major impact on people’s perception of you.

It’s like utilities, for example: when everything is working fine no one notices or even really cares about their water, electricity or Internet connection. But the moment when something goes wrong, suddenly alarm bells start ringing and the pitch forks come out.

And like those utilities, no one is gonna notice when your breath is fine. It’s not even on the radar.

But when your breath smells like putrid dog turds, no one will be able to focus on much of anything else. And until I figured out a good routine for keeping them away, I was very self conscious about my breath and won’t get too close to anyone.

Tonsil stones and bad breath can hinder:

  • your dating life and relationships
  • stop you from getting intimate with your spouse
  • make friends
  • be liked by your co workers
  • or even cause you to be passed up on a promotion.

So what about you? I’m definitely interested in seeing in the comments if you have any horror stories like that. Most people I talked to have absolutely no idea what tonsil stones are and are always surprised when I explain it.

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